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Name on the tin!

I can be found at [plurk.com profile] Timpeni.
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i was gonna write something important here but tbh im up for literally anything just hit me up if you want to saw her legs off or something. seriously you can spit on her kick her punch her pull her ears

she'll just be pissed at your character till the end of time but on an ooc level Go Wild

also she'll never love your character. maybe. at most in a platonic way. protagsexual forever sry2say


Jan. 26th, 2005 02:11 pm
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Species Fox Spirit (狐狸精)
Age old as fuck
Gender Female
Height 5'4'' (163cm)

Rank Pawn


  • Maestro's Direction » A simple folding fan made of plain wood and paper. If fanned continuously and channeled with mana, it has the ability to summon up huge gusts, enough to knock even giants off their feet-- or the user, if they can’t control it.
  • placeholder 4 cool stuff » shitpost every day
  • blahblah » eat ass if you must
  • Yatagarasu » Carrier. Registered user is Caster. Steals gold and hides it in the mountains often. Tamamo takes no responsibility for any loss of pocket change and/or life savings.

Player Timpeni
Contact Info [personal profile] timpeni, [plurk.com profile] Timpeni, email, etc.

one of three great evil youkai


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